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Most motor carriers that operate commercial vehicles in the United States are required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Administration and get a DOT number that is to be displayed on the outside of their vehicles.  This is a FREE process that you are not required to pay for.

This site is hosted by a private company that can help you get a DOT number for FREE.  To learn more about our company, click “Who We Are“.

Some companies charge as much as $300 to help get a DOT number.  Not us, we do it for FREE.

To get started, just fill out the form below.  We will then contact you to verify your information, and to see if we can help you with related compliance needs like making sure you pass your safety audit after your DOT number is issued.

Please complete the form below in order for your company to be assigned a DOT number.

Business Information

Legal Business Name*

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Company Tax ID# (EIN)*

Physical Address


City, ST*


Mailing Address (If Different)


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Company Contact / Owner Information

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Knowledge Agreement

I certify that I am familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and, if applicable, the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations, and the Federal Motor Carrier Commercial Regulations. Under penalties of perjury, under the laws of the United States of America, I certify that all information supplied on this form or relating to this application is true and correct. Further, I certify that I am qualified and authorized to file this application. I know that willful misstatements or omissions of material facts constitute Federal criminal violations punishable under 18 U.S.C. § 1001 by imprisonment up to 5 years and fines up to $250,000 for each offense. Additionally, these statements are punishable as perjury under 18 U.S.C. § 1621, which provides for fines up to $250,000 or imprisonment up to 5 years for each offense

I further certify under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States, that I have not been convicted, after September 1, 1989, of any Federal or State offense involving the distribution or possession of a controlled substance, or that if I have been so convicted, I am not ineligible to receive Federal benefits, either by court order or operation of law, pursuant to Section 5301 of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, formerly Pub. L. 100-690, Title V, Section 5301, Nov. 18, 1988, 102 Stat.4310, renumbered and amended Pub. L. 101-647, Title X, Section 1002(d), Nov. 29, 1990, 104 Stat. 4827 (21 U.S.C. § 826).

Important Information:

Does your company have a Dun and Bradstreet number?*

If yes then please provide the number in the field below:

Is applicant a Unit of Government?*

Will applicant operate as Freight Forwarder?*

Will applicant operate as Intermodal Carrier?*

Number of non-cmv (non-commercial vehicles) the applicant plans to operate:*

Number of Commercial Motor Vehicles they will operate in Mexico:*

Number of Drivers who will operate in Mexico:*

Number of Commercial Motor Vehicles they will operate in Canada:*

Number of Drivers that will operate in Canada:*

Hauling Information: Authority



Hauling Information: Operation Routes

Fleet Information: Truck Tractors

Number of truck tractors in your company*

Number of truck tractors owned*

Number of truck tractors leased*

Fleet Information: Straight Trucks

Number of straight trucks in your company*

Number of straight trucks owned*

Number of straight trucks leased*

Fleet Information: Trailers

Number of trailers in your company*

Number of trailers owned*

Number of trailers leased*

Fleet Information: Drivers

Number of drivers in your company*

Number of drivers that have their CDL*

Will drivers operate outside of 100-mile radius?*

Hauling Information: Transport

Number of vehicles used to transport more than 8 passengers*

Number of vehicles used to transport more than 16 passengers*

Hauling Information: Cargo

Other Classifications:

Household Goods

If you checked "Household Goods" above please fill out the following information:

Arbitration Company Name:


Phone Number:

Hauling Information: Hazardous Materials

Do you operate commercial vehicles that haul hazardous materials?*

If YES, list the Class and Divisions

I certify that the information I provided in this form is true and accurate.

By clicking this i understand the terms and conditions as presented on this site.

I authorize the owner of this website to process my application for a DOT number on my behalf (including representing on my behalf to the FMCSA the information that I provide via the form above and through subsequent communications), and to contact me about my application and offers for related services.

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